Foreign Bodies In The Ear

Foreign Body in the ear can be anything which children push inside the ear. Generally, the objects can be food, insect, toys, buttons, pieces of crayons, small batteries are founded to be inserted inside the ear. Children may insert the object by their own when they feel bored or they may insert it to another while playing with other kids. Whatever the reason is, it is harmful to the kids and may lead to chronic ear infection.


  • Earache
  • Bleeding or discharge
  • The sense of fullness or pressure in the ear
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea


To treat the foreign bodies in the ear is quick removal of the object by an ENT doctor.

Here are some of the techniques that may be used by the doctor to remove the object from the ear canal:

  • Instruments can be inserted in the ear
  • Magnets can be used for metal objects
  • Cleaning of the ear canal with water
  • A machine with suction to pull out the object

After the removal of the object, the doctor will re-examine the ear to find out if there has been any injury to the ear canal. Antibiotic drops can be given to treat any potential infections.

Do not ever neglect the ear Disease and consult the Ear Specialist nearby in your area. Time foreign body removal from the ear is always advisable to stop the risk of infection and hearing loss.

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