How To Manage Foreign Body In Nose

Generally, foreign bodies in the ear, nose, and throat occur in children. A foreign body is an object that is placed in the ear, nose, or mouth that is not destined to be there and might cause harm without immediate medical attention.

Foreign bodies in the nose

Usually, a child may put the soft things into the nose while playing or getting bored. these soft things may be clay, tissues, pieces of toys, erasers or anything. Some objects may insert inside the nose while breathing such as small insects, dust, hairs, and other lightweight objects. Some objects may insert while smelling anything like flowers. Insertion of any foreign body may lead to breathing problem and need immediate attention, neglecting of which may lead to death.


  • Pain
  • Trouble in breathing


Treating a foreign body in the nose includes quick removal of the object by your doctor. Sometimes, sedating the child is required in order to remove the object successfully. This can be performed in the hospital according to the severity of the problem and the cooperation of the child. Here are some of the techniques that may be used by your doctor to remove the object from the nose:

  • A suction machine with attached tubes
  • Instruments can be inserted in the nose

After removing the object, your doctor may recommend nose drops or antibiotic ointments to deal with any possible infections.

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