Manage the Foreign Body Removal in Throat or Airway!

Foreign Body in the airway, throat or chocking resembles a medical emergency. Some foreign bodies such as seeds, toy parts, grapes, hot dogs, pebbles, nuts, buttons, coins, carrots, batteries, and much more things may be stuck while eating. In the absence of timely action, many deaths have been victimized through this only at or below the age of 4.

Toddlers are not mature enough to understand the things, they may swallow the things while playing or while getting bored. If the food is not completely chewed, it may get stuck in the eating tube or airway tube, leading to breathing problem. Children under four are in the greatest danger of chocking of small objects as they have no idea of the products harmful for them.


  • Choking
  • Coughing
  • Inability to breathe and speak
  • wheezing (a whistling sound, usually made when the child breathes out)


A foreign body in the throat is a medical emergency and needs immediate attention. The foreign body may get stuck in many different places within the throat. Treatment of the condition differs with the degree of airway blockage. If the object completely blocks the airway, the child will not be able to breathe or speak, you must seek emergency medical help. Sometimes, surgery is required to eliminate the object. Children that are breathing and talking, but showing other symptoms also need to be examined by a doctor immediately.

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