Actinic Keratosis

It is the most common premalignant condition found most commonly in fair-skinned people because of their constant exposure to the sun to get tan. It is also known as solar keratosis. These are warning signs that skin has been damaged by UV rays and have a higher risk of developing cancer. These are keratotic macules, papules or plaques resulting from the intraepidermal proliferation of atypical keratinocytes due to prolonged exposure to UV rays of the sun.


The main cause is due to the overexposure of the skin to constant sunlight. The UV lights penetrate the upper layer of the dermis and can alter the genetic material of the DNA. It actually kills the normal reparative function of the DNA. It also lowers down the immunity of an individual. The main UV ray responsible for permanent genetic damage is UVA which goes deeply into the skin.




They are usually diagnosed with the physical appearances of the rashes during the clinical examination or a skin biopsy can be done to confirm the diagnosis in any doubt. So it is highly advised to consult a dermatologist. The affected area may be removed under biopsy under local anesthesia for microscopic examination in the Laboratory.





As it is a pre-cancerous condition, if not treated it can lead to squamous cell carcinoma and oral malignant melanomas.

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