Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is the neurological disorder where the ability of the patient to communicate and interact with others gets impaired. The condition also causes restricted activities, interests and repetitive behaviour and significant mutilation of occupational, social and other parts of fcutnioning. Spectrum in Autism Spectrum Disorder means a variety of symptoms and severity of the condition. The number of Autism Spectrum Disorder cases in increasing significantly in children and there is no still not permanent treatment option available for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Early detection of the symptoms and treatment can significantly make difference in the lives of the kids.

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder!

The condition Autism Spectrum Disorder usually affects the ways how the child socializes and perceives with others. It causes significant problems in the early areas of development which includes behaviour, communication and social interaction. Most of the children usually show symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder in their early infancy. Mainly within the first few months or years of their life and gradually it become aggressive or withdrawn or lose the language skills.

The child with ASD usually have peculiar level of severity and behaviour which range from low functioning to the high functions and the severity is actually based on restrictive and repetitive nature of behaviours and social communication impairments. Since the child experience mix of symptoms, it becomes difficult to determine sometime.

What Causes Autism Spectrum Disorder?

There is no single known cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The given complexity of ASD and the severity and symptoms vary greatly. Both environment and genetics play a major role in causing Autism Spectrum Disorder in children.

  • There are different genes that are known to be linked with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are found to be linked with genetic disorders like Rett Syndrome or Fragile X Syndrome
  • Environmental Factors like viral infections, complications during pregnancy and air pollutants may trigger ASD in children

Risk Factor of Autism Spectrum Disorder!

Autism Spectrum Disorder affects not only children, but also people of all nationalities and races. However, there are certain factors which increase the risk of developing Autism Spectrum Disorder and this includes:

  • Boys are four times more likely to develop ASD than girls
  • Anyone in the family having ASD increases the chance of ASD in another child
  • Children with certain medical conditions are at the higher risk of developing ASD and ASD like symptoms.

Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Doctors recognize Autism Spectrum Disorder based on the symptoms that your children are having. Your child is likely to be referred to child psychologist, development paediatrician or paediatric neurologist for further treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since ASD varies in severity and symptoms, diagnosing of the condition may be challenging at times. There is no specific test to diagnose and confirm ASD in children. The specialists may

  • Observe the children and ask them few questions for social interactions, checking communication skills and their behaviour
  • Tests that cover language, speech, development level and social issues
  • Present some structured social and communication interactions to child and score the performance
  • Suggested genetic testing so as to recognize whether the child is having genetic disorder

Treatment Option for Autism Spectrum Disorder

As mentioned, there are no permanent treatment plans available for Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are some home based treatment plans and interventions for ASD which can be overwhelming. Any treatment plan decided by the specialists focuses on maximizing the ability of the child to find by reducing ASD symptoms, and supporting them in development and learning.

  • Behaviour and communication therapies are prescribed that address a variety of social, language and behavioural difficulties associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Educational therapies are also known to respond well for child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The therapies include a variety of activities so as to enhance the social skills, communication and behaviour.
  • Family therapies are also prescribed which help the members to learn how to play and interact with the child so that they can promote social interaction skills and manage their behavioural problem and teach them the daily living skills and communications

There are no medications available to treat Autism Spectrum Disorder permanently.

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