Back Pain

Different types of pain may occur without prior intimation and it may develop without any specific cause. Pain across the body is mainly caused due to excessive physical exertion, pressure on muscles or reduced blood circulation in joints or muscle tissues. The reason can be any, but the aches or pain across the body is really an annoying condition.

There are no specific symptoms of pain in body, but it gradually develops and may hamper your mobility and daily activities. The treatments for the pain in body are decided based on the underlying cause and the area of where the pain is developed. Some of the body pain easily fades away with self care and pain management at home, while some kind of pain demands for medications and robust treatments which may include surgery as well.

Symptoms of Back Pain!

As mentioned, there are no specific symptoms available of back pain, but the signs which can help you identify back pain include:

  • Shooting and stabbing pain
  • Muscle aching
  • Limited mobility and flexibility and range of motion of back
  • Pain that radiates to your thighs and legs
  • Inability to sit, stand or sleep on bed

What are the Causes of Back Pain?

Back pain develops without any symptoms or prior intimation and there is no specific cause for back pain. It may be the resultant of some underlying conditions and which include:

  • Bulging or Ruptured Disk – Discs usually act as the cushioning between the bone in spine and the soft material within the disc may bulge out or rupture and put pressure on nerve which may cause back pain severely on some patients.
  • Ligament or Muscle Strain – Performing workouts vigorously or lifting heavy weight may strain the back muscles and the spinal ligaments and this strain may cause muscle spasms or pain
  • Arthritis – Osteoarthritis is the condition which may affect the lower back and arthritis in spine can narrow the space around spinal cord which is a medical condition called spinal stenosis which may cause back pain

What are the Risk Factors of Back Pain?

There is no specific age for developing back pain as people of any age can be affected by back pain. Improper lifting of weight, lack of exercises and excessive weight are often said to be the culprit of back pain.

The group of people that is at great risk of developing back pain are the one with specific psychological disorders like anxiety, depression. However, the reasons behind this is still not aware.

Diagnosis of Back Pain

Testing is not always necessary to confirm the presence of back pain in people. Doctors will examine your back and evaluate your posture and ability to stand, sit and walk and lift the legs. They will also evaluate the reflexes with the use of rubber reflex hammer. These are the assessments which help the doctors to find out the underlying cause of back pain, the severity of the pain and if the patient is having muscle spasms due to which back pain is developed. If your doctor is unable to suspect the specific condition that is causing back pain, then they may conduct more tests and this includes:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • X-rays
  • Bone scanning
  • Nerve studies with EMG

Treatment and Medications

As mentioned earlier, most of the back pain easily alleviate on its own within few weeks of home treatment. Doctors may prescribe you over the counter drugs to improvise the back pain. Bed rest is also recommended for alleviating the pain, but taking too much of bed rest is also not recommended and good for your back pain. Physical therapies and exercises are also prescribed by the doctor to improve the back pain. You will be educated about certain exercises which you need to perform in order to improve your pain at home.

Injections are also prescribed to patients with severe back pain which radiates from back to legs and thighs. Along with anti-inflammatory drugs, the doctors would ask you to take shots of injections to treat the conditions. Very few patients are prescribed with surgery to treat back pain. Patients with underlying pain that is linked with radiating led pain and has progressive muscle weakness caused due to nerve compression can benefit from surgical procedures.

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