Bags Under Eyes

Bags under eyes are the common disorder and caused by aging. It involves puffiness or swelling under your eyes. Due to aging process the tissues around eyes weaken and the muscles supporting eyelids also become feeble. During this condition the fat responsible for supporting the eyes move to the lower eyelids and it cause the eyelids to become puffy. In some cases, fluid may also gather in spaces below your eyes and this makes the eyelids to swell. Under eye bags or puffiness is the cosmetic issue and it may also be a sign of other serious underlying condition. Home remedies like compresses can help improvise the appearance of the under eye bags. Cosmetic treatments are prescribed in case of persistent and bothersome cases.

What are the Symptoms of Bags Under Eyes?

The puffiness and swelling under your eyes are the common symptoms of Bags Under Eyes. Some of the other signs include

  • Dark circles
  • Loose or sagged skin under eyes
  • Mild swelling

What are the Causes of Bags Under Eyes?

With the increasing age, the muscles and structures of your eyelids usually become weak. This causes the skin to sag and the fat supporting the upper eyelids move down into the lower eyelids and it is confined in the area around eye orbit and in space below the eyes. Fluids may also accumulate in the space below the eyes which make it appear puffy and swollen under eyes. There are several factors that are responsible for causing Bags Under Eyes and this includes:

  • Dermatitis or allergies especially when the puffiness is accompanied by itching and redness
  • Lack of sound sleep at night
  • Retention of fluid because of changes in weather, hormone levels in body and consuming too much of salty foods
  • Hereditary issues which run in families

Treatments and Drugs!

Bags Under Eyes are considered to be the cosmetic issue and in many cases it requires no specific treatment. With lifestyle changes and home remedies you can eliminate and reduce the puffiness under eyes.

There are surgical procedures available which is only prescribed when the under eye swelling is persistent and not fading away with home remedies. If the Bags Under Eyes is caused due to allergies, doctors may prescribed you with allergy medications to treat the underlying cause.

There are also therapies available that are used to improvise the appearance of puffiness and swelling under eyes. The therapies include the chemical peels, laser resurfacing and fillers. These therapies may enhance the skin tone and tighten the skin, while rejuvenating the looks of the bags under eyes.

Doctors may also be prescribed eyelid surgery like blepharoplasty which is the procedure to remove the puffy bags under your eyes. In the process, surgeons make incision below the eyelashes in the eye’s natural creases and inside the eye lid. Now the doctors will carefully remove and redistribute the excessive fat cells, sagging skins and muscles. After the process the skin is rejoined with tiny dissolving stitches along the lid of natural creases. This is the surgical procedure which is done as outpatient process. Apart from fixing the Bags Under Eyes, the surgical procedure can also repair

  • Excessive skin on lower eyelids
  • Droopy lower eyelids that may cause white to show below the iris
  • Excessive skin on upper eyelids which interfere your vision
  • Puffy and baggy upper eyelids

There are some complications associated with the eyelid surgery and this includes dry eyes, infection, problem with vision and eyelid position and tear ducts.

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