Bed Wetting

Is your child wetting their bed a lot? Well having soggy sheets and pajamas all the time can be a huge thing to deal with. And if your child is not familiar with all the surroundings, then they can wet their beds all the time. Bed wetting is a nightmare for all the people and the parents.

What are the Symptoms of Bed Wetting

There are tons of symptoms to take care of when your child is wetting their bed all the time. If your kid is not potty trained even before the age of 8, then it can be a massive thing for you. Here is the list of things to take care of when your child is wetting their bed. And these are the things to ask your doctor if your child is enhancing this behavior.

  • They are wetting their bed even if they are 7.
  • They are wetting their bed a few months after their bed has stayed dry.
  • There is a pain in their urination process. This means that they have pink or red urine and have hard stools too.

What are the Causes of Bed Wetting

There can be tons of causes for this.

  • If your kid has a small bladder, then they can wet their bed all the time.
  • They have the inability to keep a full bladder. If the nerves that are controlling their bladder are slow and take time to mature, then it can be bad for them.
  • They have a hormone imbalance, and this can cause enough hormone depletion for them.
  • Stressful events can cause your baby to wet their bed too. If they are attending a new school or have shifted recently, these can be the causes.
  • There is a urinary tract infection on your kid. This is the prime reason for them to wet their bed all the time. So make sure that you have your kid checked.
  • If your kid has diabetes, they have wet their bed too. Make sure that you check out for the diabetes signals like increaser in thirst, fatigue, and other things.

The Risk Factors of Bed Wetting

There can be tons of risk factors for this. If your kid is always wetting their beds even if you have checked out the possible symptoms, make sure that you take them to the doctor. Bed wetting is such a thing which can affect all the sex.

Especially if you have a male kid, then it can affect their self-esteem and other values. And this can happen if you have a list of family history and if your child's parent has suffered from the same thing, then the child is intended to suffer from the same thing too.

If your child is wetting their bed even, they have completed the age of 7, and then it is a cause of enormous concern for you. So make sure that you keep the alarms in and the moisture locked out for the betterment.


There can be added complications to bed wetting all the time. For example, if your kid is wetting their bed and their friends know about this, then it can be terrible for them. It is better that you check out the root of causes with your doctor. There can be other causes too. If your child is suffering from rashes and infections, then the prime reason is that they are wetting their bed all the time. It can be horrible to keep your child on the wet underwear.

Treatment for Bed Wetting

Here is a list of home remedies which you can do for your child.

  • Limit their drinks before they are going to bed. This will make sure that your kid is controlling their bladder.
  • Make sure that you avoid them to drink things which comes with caffeine. This can be bad for their condition.
  • Encourage their usage of a regular toilet. Train them to use the bathroom before and after they get up from the bed. This can be an excellent suggestion for them.
  • Make sure that you change their clothing all the time. Since changing their clothes will help them to prevent rashes.

All these methods will help your child to prevent their beds from being wet, and even for that, and you can control their activities to a certain amount.

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