Bell’s Palsy

Have you experienced facial swelling ever? This might occur as a result of Bell’s Palsy which is a dangerous disease. Bell’s palsy mainly occurs due to weakening of facial muscles, and this makes a portion of your face to droop, and swell. According to resources, the exact cause of this disease is unknown, however, there are proper treatments to recover from this disease. Experts say that these illnesses could be treated at the earliest, a patient would experience complete recovery in less than six months.

What are the Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy

Usually, this disease occurs rarely to people, and there are even lesser chances of this disease to revamp. The symptoms of this disease are as follows:

  1. Paralysis of your face on one side
  2. Difficulty in smiling or closing eyes
  3. Increased audio-related sensitivity on the paralyzed side
  4. Pain in the jaw at the affected area
  5. Headache and changes in the saliva or tears produced by you
  6. Issues faced in the taste buds

Causes and Complications

Although the exact cause is unknown, however, the doctors say that Bell’s Palsy results due to some viral infection such as genital herpes, chicken pox, German measles, hand foot and mouth disease, mumps, cytomegalovirus infections as well as flu. It is indeed a dangerous disease which has a couple of risk factors as well as complications associated with it. The risk factors and complications are discussed below in details:

  • Bell’s Palsy is a common occurring to most pregnant women who have just given their birth or are in their third trimester
  • This disease is closely associated with flu or cold or other viral infections
  • The people who are having diabetes, this disease is also commonly occurring to them
  • The people who are having hereditary trends of Bell’s Palsy disease, they might be having multiple attacks of this disease
  • Bell’s palsy can highly damage the facial nerve
  • This disease could turn out to be dangerous. Someone could face partial or complete blindness. This could result due to dryness and scratching of the cornea which is an important part of your eye
  • This disease might lead to involuntary contraction of certain muscles while someone is actually trying to voluntarily move another muscle

Remedies & Treatments

If you face the slightest symptoms of this disease, this is high time you should go and consult a doctor. Sometimes, the facial swelling could cause permanent damage, in such cases, you should preferably consult a physical therapist who would explain how to massage the swollen area to prevent permanent damage in the future. Usually, surgery is not a recommended way to treat this disease, but in certain cases, the patient might require plastic surgery to ensure minimal nerve damages in the facial muscles. Therefore, it is recommended that you should consult an experienced physician who would give you his or her valuable inputs about what should be your next step in treatment.

Apart from this, there are some basic medications you could opt for. You could easily consume pain relievers such as aspirin to seek relief from the facial swelling. Also, you should apply a moist cloth soaked with lukewarm water to your affected area of the face to ensure comparatively lesser pain. For the affected eye, you should definitely try lubricating eye drops, or otherwise, you can use sunglasses or eye patches as protective shields for your eyes while you go out.

There are some alternative medicines as well which you could opt for, however, they should be taken obviously with the prior consent of a doctor. These alternate ways could be the following ones:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Vitamin therapy
  3. Relaxation techniques
  4. Biofeedback training

However, the most important piece of information is that you should obviously consult a doctor, an expert who has prior experience in treating such diseases. Such symptoms should not be taken lightly, they should be treated with utmost seriousness, you should look for possible remedies apart from the mentioned ones as well, and take the consent from your doctor before actually trying them out. It is important to recognize these symptoms and get them treated the earliest.

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